Future Oriented


For decades Chili Palmer's and its Specialists had initiated, created, realized, produced and co-produced and assisted hand selected events for huge masses of spectators, but also humanitarian and private events for EIP, VIP, Diplomats, Corporates and individuals.

Rhythm & Fashion (Urheberrecht 1982), an idea and unique concept uniting music, singers, groups, fashion designer, models, make-up artists and more had been developed by Chili Palmer's many decades back in 1982, and today this Rhythm & Fashion concept is copied by so many organizers in Europe, USA and Asia.

As creative manager in music and fashion, Chili Palmer's had created various music and model careers over the past. As very creative leader and Visionary his renown is spread over the planet.

His broad understanding of complex situations and his knowledge in Finance, Industry, Fashion and Music made him a very demanded consultant for International Fashion Weeks and Music Events, structuring contents and mediatization for the benefit of the events, its designers, musicians, models, partners and sponsors.


Founder, Senior Partner, Producer, Co-Producer in Music, Fashion, Art & Humanitarian

Chili Palmer's one of the most creative Music, Fashion & Art Management since Decades, specialized in structuring, coaching and marketing. 

Career Development of Musicians:

  • Career Development
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Image and PR Consulting
  • Branding and Patents


Management of various musicians, including Supermax, Wu Tang Clan Members, among others, including some of the finest DJs & Djanes,  from:

· Funk

· Soul

· Pop

· Rap

· Hip Hop

· DJ

Career Developments of Supermodels:

Chili Palmers highlighted the career of Supermodel Dji Dieng, bestowed with the United Nations Organization Volunteers Award, the Leading Ladies Award, Award for Humanity, distinctive honors from UNESCO and other humanitarian organizations.

Fashion Weeks

Producer and Consultant of Fashion Weeks / Shows:
Chili Palmers acted as producer and co-producer of Fashion Shows / Fashion Weeks, including the outstanding European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival, Fashion Week Berlin, UFW, Euro Fashion, etc..

Some of our humanitarian events had been among the biggest of the world; incl. HIV/AIDS Prevention, Malaria Prevention, Breast Cancer Awareness and many others, in cooperation with United Nations Organizations Departments, NGO's, GO's, industrial partners and celebrities.


1291 Ltd and CCR Universal Entertainment Ltd. are specialized into strategic leadership, policies, trademarks and brand management, concepts and implementations.

· Structural

· Conceptional

· Branding

· Realization

· Communication

European Union Sustainable Future Festival

The EU SFF is the new key role festival about Sustainability in General.

Today anyone is concerned about a more sustainable world: the people, the industries, the finance sector, the media & press for a better and more sustainable planet.

It is about the humanity's future:


Hollywood Movie Director Bobby Emprechtinger (Centre), R. R. Hijazi CEO of EU SFF (Right) & Chili

Hollywood Movie Director Bobby Emprechtinger (Centre), R. R. Hijazi CEO of EU SFF (Right) & Chili