With his  unconventional career development he made Hollywood Superstars, musicians and supermodels engaged with the most important humanitarian organization including UNESCO, UNDP, United Nations and co-organized the biggest AIDS Charity Concert of Africa with over 50’000 spectators.  

As initiator since decades in arranging cooperation with Hollywood Superstars as Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Sir Peter Ustinov, Eric Robert, Vincent De Paul, Iconic Hollywood Director Bobby Emprechtinger or Supermodel Dji Dieng and many others stars as Lucianno Pavarotti, Stewart Granger; all these cooperation with the humanitarian organizations had been a huge success for the causes,


· UNV(United Nations Organization Volunteer)




· Pink Ribbon

· amFar


· Life Ball

· Breast Cancer Campaign

· Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs

· Ministry of Social Services & Social Welfare

· Ministry of Tourism

· UN World Water Day

· Malaria Campaign

· Support of the Tsunami victims

· Active support of the Earthquake victims in Indonesia

· Support of different Orphanages

· Anti-Human Trafficking

· etc.

Peace Concert & Fashion Shows

Chili Palmers in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, UNDP, UNESCO, UNV and USAID had co-organized Sri Lanka’s first Peace Concert, combined with a Peace Fashion Show at Colombo. Over 1.5 million spectators had followed the peace concert and peace fashion show broadcasted by MTV. Chili Palmer’s organized for this great humanitarian event music stars, topmodels and fashion designers from Europe. Fashion TV reported during one entire week about the peace event. 


In 2012 Chili Palmer’s initiated and co-produced the United Nations Organization’s World Water Day uniting 16 designers from Europe. Over 15’000 spectators admired the special collections at the UN World Water Day in some spectacular shows at the UEFA Championship.

Some of our humanitarian events had been among the biggest of the world; incl. HIV/AIDS Prevention, Malaria Prevention, Breast Cancer Awareness and many others, in cooperation with United Nations Organizations Departments, NGO's, GO's, industrial partners and celebrities


Chairman of European Union Sustainable Fashion Festival, Fashion Week Berlin and as co-producer of many other events, Chili Palmers is implementing visions ahead of others of the various industries.

His positions as Producer, Co-Producer, Consultant and Career Developer of Supermodel Dji Dieng, lead Chili Palmer’s from Paris to Milan, London, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Cape Town to Asia and other major fashion centers and working closely with Haute-Couturiers and Designers.


•Christian Dior


•Vivienne Westwood

•Diane von Furstenberg

•Mercedes Benz Fashionweek

•Roberto Cavalli


•Nokia Fashion Week

•Agent Provocateur




•Romeo Gigli


•Maurizio Galante

•Eymeric Francois 



•The Blondes



•Gattinoni Rome


•JirinaVitjaz Moscow

•Suzanna Peric

•If 6 was 9

•Munthe plus Simonsen


•Lac et Mel

•Renato Balestra Rome



•Madonna Collection



•Calvin Klein



•Patricia Fields

•La Hong